Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional?

Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal has lots of experience with rescue projects.
Tile and thin-set dust leaves your home and personal belongings a dusty mess that you will be cleaning for months to come. Don’t let this happen to you, hire a professional:

Air conditioner repairs and duct cleaning is expensive. A dust free tile removal can save you thousands. This is a picture of a standard AC filter when we arrived at a rescue project. The clients had removed less than a quarter of the thin-set in their home:

A good flooring installation is all about the preparation. Putting new flooring is an expensive project so you want it to last. The key is making sure your foundation is properly prepared for your flooring professional. The moment our team is done, your flooring professional can begin.

What is Vapor Barrier and Crack Suppression Membrane?

Vapor barrier is a layer of impermeable material, typically polyethylene sheeting laid on the top of concrete foundations to prevent moisture from coming through the slab and damaging flooring.
Rubberized vapor barrier is very difficult and labor intensive to remove, additional scraping and chipping is required.
Crack Suppression Membrane is usually placed over cracks and/ or relief joints in a concrete slab. The membrane is used to prevent cracks in floor tile if the concrete slab continues to crack or move. Yes, tiles can still crack if movement in the slab is significant.

Why should I profile my floors?

It’s all in the preparation. Paint and drywall compound are major contributing factors of hollow areas, loose tiles or wood planks. The picture below is an example of what we typically find under loose flooring. Concrete is porous, so whether it is thin-set for tile floors or adhesive for glue down floors, a profiled floor will always improve adhesion of new materials and produce a better-quality install.

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