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February 26, 2019

Note from a customer who tried do-it-yourself tile floor removal

“My wife and I both work 8-5 jobs and one day she came home and noticed a smell.  Her nose is extra sensitive because she is nearly six months pregnant but none the less I said how can I help?  She said the smell is coming from the carpet or floor.  So I drew her a hot bath and said I can do this.  So this is how our major project began.  I started with taking up the carpet and felt some sense of accomplishment.  Those tack boards around the outside perimeter were a little bit time consuming but nothing in comparison to what was to come.”

“We decided we wanted to continue tearing out the floors since I was doing so good, and rip out the tile throughout the house.  I borrowed an air compressor from my father in law and the air hammer broke within an hour.  I went around my house for about three hours per night after work with a hammer/chisel and picked up a lot of the tile.  Some tiles may come up easy but often thinset (glue underneath the tile) is the real nightmare.  I would hammer for a half hour to make about six inches of progress on the thinset so that is when I said enough.  I iced my knees and decided to call someone who might be better at this.”

“I first called the contractors who would be installing my floor to give me a quote, just so I could have convenient one-stop shopping.  Being a budget conscious couple and expecting a baby I thought I should also call someone else to see what they can do.”

“I called Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal and to my surprise, there was not an automated machine to dial four numbers before I talked to someone.  A very nice woman answered the phone and asked me a few questions and said she would be sending someone out the next day.  As promised, a worker arrived the next day with a great demeanor, who walked the house assessing the situation.  We had a quick conversation as follows:”

“Him: When do you want this done?
Me: The sooner the better I don’t like living in this mess and neither does my wife.
Him: We could come out on a Sunday since you both work.
Me: Really… that would be great if the price is right.”

“He then quoted me half the price of my installers and I was sold.  They came out the following Sunday at 8:30 in the morning and immediately began working.  Three men all working in unison and in different parts of my house.  They removed every tile I missed and made sure the thinset was ground down to a clean concrete slab again.  They even removed the toilets for me which everyone else charges extra for.  Once they were finished they made sure to do an overall vacuuming and were gone by about 1:30.  My wife returned from shopping while they were still here and couldn’t find dust anywhere.  What would have taken me weeks/months took them hours and was completed dust free.  I was so glad that I contacted them and would recommend them strongly to others.”

– Chad Miller of Deland, FL

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