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February 21, 2023

How can dust free tile removal from save you time?

Tile removal is a necessary process for any homeowner looking to update their flooring or make repairs. However, the process of tile removal can be a messy one, often leaving dust and debris all over the house. This can be both time-consuming and inconvenient for homeowners who must spend additional time cleaning up after the removal process. Dust free tile removal from Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal is a solution that can save homeowner time, money and effort. In this blog post, we will discuss how dust free tile removal can help you save time.

What is Dust Free Tile Removal?

Dust free tile removal is a process that uses specialized equipment and techniques to remove tiles without creating any dust. Traditional tile removal methods typically involve the use of hammers and chisels to break up the tiles. This creates a significant amount of dust that can spread throughout the house and even enter the HVAC system. Dust free tile removal from Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal, on the other hand, uses equipment such as HEPA filters and specialized vacuums to contain and collect dust as it is generated during the removal process. This makes for a cleaner and healthier environment for the homeowner.

How Does Dust Free Tile Removal Save Time?

  1. Faster Removal Process: Dust free tile removal is a much faster process compared to traditional tile removal methods. Since dust free tile removal equipment is more efficient, Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal can remove tiles much quicker than the traditional method of using hammers and chisels. This means less time spent on the job and less disruption to the homeowner’s daily routine.
  2. No Need for Post-Removal Clean-up: With traditional tile removal methods, homeowners are often left with a lot of dust and debris to clean up after the removal process. This can be a time-consuming and tedious task. However, with dust free tile removal from Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal, there is little to no dust left behind, which means homeowners don’t need to spend time cleaning up after the job is done. This saves them valuable time and effort.
  3. Fewer Disruptions: Traditional tile removal methods can create a lot of noise and dust, which can be disruptive to the homeowner’s daily routine. Dust free tile removal from Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal, on the other hand, is a much quieter and less intrusive process. This means homeowners can carry on with their daily routine without any significant disruptions.
  4. No need to vacate the house: Since dust free tile removal is less intrusive and less messy, homeowners don’t have to vacate their house during the tile removal process. They can stay in their home and carry on with their daily routine while the contractors work on removing the tiles. This saves them time and money that they would have spent on alternative accommodations.
  5. Improved Indoor Air Quality: One of the biggest benefits of dust free tile removal is that it improves indoor air quality. Traditional tile removal methods create a significant amount of dust, which can be harmful to the respiratory system. Dust free tile removal, on the other hand, ensures that the air is clean and free of dust. This creates a healthier environment for the homeowner and reduces the risk of respiratory issues.


Dust free tile removal from Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal is a highly efficient and effective method for removing tiles from floors and walls. This method not only saves time but also improves indoor air quality, reduces disruptions, and eliminates the need for post-removal clean-up. Homeowners who choose dust free tile removal can enjoy a cleaner and healthier environment while also saving valuable time and money. If you’re planning to remove tiles in your home, consider dust free tile removal from Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal for a faster, cleaner, and more efficient process.

July 27, 2022

Why Choose Dust Free Tile Removal?

While there are multiple methods of tile removal, dust free tile removal is superior to all of them. Traditional tile removal requires prep work to seal and cover air ducts, door ways, cabinets and more, which many times is ineffective. Dust free tile removal eliminates this process and saves hours of time. But most importantly it is much safer for you and your family. Dust free tile removal eliminates the harmful dust in the air that traditional tile removal just can’t.

March 5, 2020

Another Satisfied Customer

Don’t just take our word for it. We have 100’s of satisfied clients and our 5.0 star rating on Google proves it. Below is a recent email we received from another highly satisfied customer of Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal.

“I also want to express how much I appreciate the clean methods used for the demo.  We’ve had experience with tile demo before from contractors using a tile chipper and also using a scrapper to pull up tile and both were so messy we had to move furniture out and leave the homes during the demo/construction.  On our 2nd home renovation that had the scrapper machine used we also taped off all spaces with plastic but it wasn’t enough and the mess still spread throughout the house.”

“The scope on this project was for CFL Dust Free Tile Removal included wall and floor tile demo, toilet removals, cabinet/sink removals, and electrical demo in 2 bathrooms.  All of this was done by CFL using the dust free method without removing furniture, moving out of the house, or taping off construction spaces.  In addition to this work, they where sending photo’s and having discussions with the contractor who will be rebuilding the space throughout their demo process.  From that coordination with the contractor they were asked to cut open some slab areas for drains and plumbing.  CFL added that work to the job and completed it along with the original scope in the same day.”

“The noise from the grinders and those huge vacuums was something else but they worked steady and took the floors to the concrete, smoothing for an even tile lay. The showers were stripped to the studs, clean and ready for the tile installers.  Water was turned back on and checked to make sure there were no leaks.  I couldn’t find a place to write a single word and I slept in my bed that night without a “breath of dust”!”

“Overall a fantastic job.  The attention to detail and cleanliness is exactly what we wanted.”

“Thank you again!”

-Corey Lesley

April 23, 2019

A customer shares her experience

We love to hear from our customers!  We recently received a very nice note from a new customer.  The note described, in detail, the customer’s entire experience with Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal.  The customer, Cheryl Jessup of Debary Florida, requested that we share her note with you….

“Thermal Expansion or tile tenting had left me with a mess but nothing like the demo (demolition) that was about to take place.  Dust, dust and more dust was all I could expect with 2½ baths, the kitchen and laundry room until I saw an ad for Dust Free Tile Removal. The website had all the information I needed and after checking it out thoroughly an appointment was made for an estimate with the owner, Bret Kellough. Estimate accepted and date set.”

“DEMO DAY and the water is turned off; the adventure begins.  Because of the web site I was familiar with tile team faces before demo day. That was appreciated. They moved quietly setting up and worked as though they owned stock in the company.Careful and respectful with my home, thick felt blankets were laid over my cleared counters, the kitchen pantry doors were numbered and marked with painter’ tape and appliances were moved and also covered. The shower and sink fixtures were placed in marked plastic bags and all doors were marked for return to their places.The furniture in my bedroom was covered to protect it also.”

“The noise from the grinders and those huge vacuums was something else but they worked steady and took the floors to the concrete, smoothing for an even tile lay. The showers were stripped to the studs, clean and ready for the tile installers.  Water was turned back on and checked to make sure there were no leaks.  I couldn’t find a place to write a single word and I slept in my bed that night without a “breath of dust”!”

“This was the REAL THING! In this world of false advertising CFL Dust Free Tile Removal truly delivered a no dust job.  Bret and his wife Heidi are wonderful to work with. They give you the preferred choice of NO DUST!”

“DO check out their web site www.cfldustfreetileremoval.com.”

-Cheryl Jessup, DeBary, Florida

February 26, 2019

Note from a customer who tried do-it-yourself tile floor removal

“My wife and I both work 8-5 jobs and one day she came home and noticed a smell.  Her nose is extra sensitive because she is nearly six months pregnant but none the less I said how can I help?  She said the smell is coming from the carpet or floor.  So I drew her a hot bath and said I can do this.  So this is how our major project began.  I started with taking up the carpet and felt some sense of accomplishment.  Those tack boards around the outside perimeter were a little bit time consuming but nothing in comparison to what was to come.”

“We decided we wanted to continue tearing out the floors since I was doing so good, and rip out the tile throughout the house.  I borrowed an air compressor from my father in law and the air hammer broke within an hour.  I went around my house for about three hours per night after work with a hammer/chisel and picked up a lot of the tile.  Some tiles may come up easy but often thinset (glue underneath the tile) is the real nightmare.  I would hammer for a half hour to make about six inches of progress on the thinset so that is when I said enough.  I iced my knees and decided to call someone who might be better at this.”

“I first called the contractors who would be installing my floor to give me a quote, just so I could have convenient one-stop shopping.  Being a budget conscious couple and expecting a baby I thought I should also call someone else to see what they can do.”

“I called Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal and to my surprise, there was not an automated machine to dial four numbers before I talked to someone.  A very nice woman answered the phone and asked me a few questions and said she would be sending someone out the next day.  As promised, a worker arrived the next day with a great demeanor, who walked the house assessing the situation.  We had a quick conversation as follows:”

“Him: When do you want this done?
Me: The sooner the better I don’t like living in this mess and neither does my wife.
Him: We could come out on a Sunday since you both work.
Me: Really… that would be great if the price is right.”

“He then quoted me half the price of my installers and I was sold.  They came out the following Sunday at 8:30 in the morning and immediately began working.  Three men all working in unison and in different parts of my house.  They removed every tile I missed and made sure the thinset was ground down to a clean concrete slab again.  They even removed the toilets for me which everyone else charges extra for.  Once they were finished they made sure to do an overall vacuuming and were gone by about 1:30.  My wife returned from shopping while they were still here and couldn’t find dust anywhere.  What would have taken me weeks/months took them hours and was completed dust free.  I was so glad that I contacted them and would recommend them strongly to others.”

– Chad Miller of Deland, FL

October 12, 2018

How to Remove Tile from Concrete Floor

Removing a tile floor isn’t an easy project.

How to win the battle

The book “Bathroom Remodeling for Dummies” describes bathroom tile removal as “a battle” and points out that ceramic tile demolition “isn’t an easy project”.  The book describes how “you may find that the adhesive is like cement (or is cement) and nothing short of dynamite will dislodge the flooring”.

Honestly, we’re not against going DIY on home renovation projects if you’re handy and so inclined.  Just keep in mind – when removing ceramic tile, there are a number of difficulties and hazards you should consider.

The challenges

  • Unless you have a very expensive machine, removal of old tile and thinset requires a hammer and chisel along with a lot of muscle.
  • A properly installed ceramic tile floor is often fastened to the concrete foundation using thinnest that is tough as rock. To replace a tile floor, you must install the new tile on a smooth surface.  Leaving a smooth surface when removing the old tile can be nothing short of extremely challenging.
  • Hammering and chipping away rock-like thinset and ceramic tiles will result in sharp pieces becoming projectiles which can cause serious injuries to your body and especially your eyes. You MUST wear eye protection.
  • Concrete and thinset contains silica.  Clouds of released silica dust will float into the air and land on everything in your home.  The resulting mess will make for a colossal cleaning project. You’ll never be able to clean up all of the silica dust that settles behind and under furniture.  Every crevice in your home will trap silica dust.
  • You’ll need to wear a mask so you don’t inhale silica dust. Silica dust in a known carcinogen. Silica dust tends to get trapped in the lungs where it can eventually cause silicosis which can result in cancer.
  • You’ll need to dispose of the hundreds of pounds of broken ceramic tile material and thinset chunks and dust.  You’ll be amazed how much material results from a floor demolition.

If you are inclined to take on the battle and do-it-yourself, make sure to carefully address every single one of the issues we list here. Make sure you are properly protected from possible injury.

If you need advice, give us a call

We are always happy to give advice. Give us a call if you want advice about removing a floor. We’re always happy to help!

Consider leaving the job to professionals

Would you rather leave your floor removal project to professionals? Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal uses patented machines with HEPA Certified filters. Our professionals know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Your floor will be completely ready for your new tile flooring. To ask questions or to get a free quote, give us a call at (386) 500-8009

July 18, 2018

Is Silica the Next Asbestos?

Since 1929, companies have had to deal with lawsuits because of asbestos. Billions of dollars have been awarded to people and over a hundred companies have had to file for bankruptcy.

Asbestos, a natural silicate, was used for years for construction and insulation. When asbestos was installed or cut, fibers would get inhaled by workers and cause chronic lung inflammations, lung cancer or mesothelioma.

Silica is found in nature as quartz, and is one of the main components of the earth’s crust. When building products, such as tile, are grounded silica dust gets emitted into the air. The dust can be very damaging, if not deadly for people who inhale too much of it.

According to OSHA, over 1,000 workers die from silica exposure every year. Silica is a very serious toxin to those exposed to it. Silica exposure can lead to bronchitis, lung cancer, lupus, asthma attacks, and silicosis.

When workers cut in to concrete, tile, bricks, silica dust flies in to the air. This is very harmful for people exposed to it, even the one that sweeps up the debris.

Homeowners that want to tackle do-it-yourself projects should know the risks they are taking cutting in to tile or pavers. Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal provides a safe, clean professional way to remove your tile so you won’t have to worry about all the dangers of silica dust.

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