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March 5, 2020

Another Satisfied Customer

Don’t just take our word for it. We have 100’s of satisfied clients and our 5.0 star rating on Google proves it. Below is a recent email we received from another highly satisfied customer of Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal.

“I also want to express how much I appreciate the clean methods used for the demo.  We’ve had experience with tile demo before from contractors using a tile chipper and also using a scrapper to pull up tile and both were so messy we had to move furniture out and leave the homes during the demo/construction.  On our 2nd home renovation that had the scrapper machine used we also taped off all spaces with plastic but it wasn’t enough and the mess still spread throughout the house.”

“The scope on this project was for CFL Dust Free Tile Removal included wall and floor tile demo, toilet removals, cabinet/sink removals, and electrical demo in 2 bathrooms.  All of this was done by CFL using the dust free method without removing furniture, moving out of the house, or taping off construction spaces.  In addition to this work, they where sending photo’s and having discussions with the contractor who will be rebuilding the space throughout their demo process.  From that coordination with the contractor they were asked to cut open some slab areas for drains and plumbing.  CFL added that work to the job and completed it along with the original scope in the same day.”

“The noise from the grinders and those huge vacuums was something else but they worked steady and took the floors to the concrete, smoothing for an even tile lay. The showers were stripped to the studs, clean and ready for the tile installers.  Water was turned back on and checked to make sure there were no leaks.  I couldn’t find a place to write a single word and I slept in my bed that night without a “breath of dust”!”

“Overall a fantastic job.  The attention to detail and cleanliness is exactly what we wanted.”

“Thank you again!”

-Corey Lesley

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