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April 23, 2019

A customer shares her experience

We love to hear from our customers!  We recently received a very nice note from a new customer.  The note described, in detail, the customer’s entire experience with Central Florida Dust-Free Tile Removal.  The customer, Cheryl Jessup of Debary Florida, requested that we share her note with you….

“Thermal Expansion or tile tenting had left me with a mess but nothing like the demo (demolition) that was about to take place.  Dust, dust and more dust was all I could expect with 2½ baths, the kitchen and laundry room until I saw an ad for Dust Free Tile Removal. The website had all the information I needed and after checking it out thoroughly an appointment was made for an estimate with the owner, Bret Kellough. Estimate accepted and date set.”

“DEMO DAY and the water is turned off; the adventure begins.  Because of the web site I was familiar with tile team faces before demo day. That was appreciated. They moved quietly setting up and worked as though they owned stock in the company.Careful and respectful with my home, thick felt blankets were laid over my cleared counters, the kitchen pantry doors were numbered and marked with painter’ tape and appliances were moved and also covered. The shower and sink fixtures were placed in marked plastic bags and all doors were marked for return to their places.The furniture in my bedroom was covered to protect it also.”

“The noise from the grinders and those huge vacuums was something else but they worked steady and took the floors to the concrete, smoothing for an even tile lay. The showers were stripped to the studs, clean and ready for the tile installers.  Water was turned back on and checked to make sure there were no leaks.  I couldn’t find a place to write a single word and I slept in my bed that night without a “breath of dust”!”

“This was the REAL THING! In this world of false advertising CFL Dust Free Tile Removal truly delivered a no dust job.  Bret and his wife Heidi are wonderful to work with. They give you the preferred choice of NO DUST!”

“DO check out their web site www.cfldustfreetileremoval.com.”

-Cheryl Jessup, DeBary, Florida

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