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    How to Remove Tile from Concrete Floor

    October 12, 2018

October 12, 2018

How to Remove Tile from Concrete Floor

Removing a tile floor isn’t an easy project.

How to win the battle

The book “Bathroom Remodeling for Dummies” describes bathroom tile removal as “a battle” and points out that ceramic tile demolition “isn’t an easy project”.  The book describes how “you may find that the adhesive is like cement (or is cement) and nothing short of dynamite will dislodge the flooring”.

Honestly, we’re not against going DIY on home renovation projects if you’re handy and so inclined.  Just keep in mind – when removing ceramic tile, there are a number of difficulties and hazards you should consider.

The challenges

  • Unless you have a very expensive machine, removal of old tile and thinset requires a hammer and chisel along with a lot of muscle.
  • A properly installed ceramic tile floor is often fastened to the concrete foundation using thinnest that is tough as rock. To replace a tile floor, you must install the new tile on a smooth surface.  Leaving a smooth surface when removing the old tile can be nothing short of extremely challenging.
  • Hammering and chipping away rock-like thinset and ceramic tiles will result in sharp pieces becoming projectiles which can cause serious injuries to your body and especially your eyes. You MUST wear eye protection.
  • Concrete and thinset contains silica.  Clouds of released silica dust will float into the air and land on everything in your home.  The resulting mess will make for a colossal cleaning project. You’ll never be able to clean up all of the silica dust that settles behind and under furniture.  Every crevice in your home will trap silica dust.
  • You’ll need to wear a mask so you don’t inhale silica dust. Silica dust in a known carcinogen. Silica dust tends to get trapped in the lungs where it can eventually cause silicosis which can result in cancer.
  • You’ll need to dispose of the hundreds of pounds of broken ceramic tile material and thinset chunks and dust.  You’ll be amazed how much material results from a floor demolition.

If you are inclined to take on the battle and do-it-yourself, make sure to carefully address every single one of the issues we list here. Make sure you are properly protected from possible injury.

If you need advice, give us a call

We are always happy to give advice. Give us a call if you want advice about removing a floor. We’re always happy to help!

Consider leaving the job to professionals

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